Register Your Family Today!

All school enrolled families and faculty can participate in our PTO directory system.  This system provides our school community with a secure and convenient means to interact with one another, volunteer and shop - even while on the go!

Over the summer, the BMS PTO (along with all of the PTOs in Barrington) switched over to a new directory system PTOffice.

We have transferred the data from MySchoolAnywhere for those students returning to BMS this year and for all of our rising 6th graders from HMS.

  • To update your student and family information please visit our new directory:
  • Login-  email address
  • Passcode: BMS2019
  • New families will be able to add their student information and should also use the passcode provided above.
  • You will receive an email from each Barrington school that you have a student in. You will need to sign in for each school, check the information and update as necessary. You will then be able to toggle between the directories for each school

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the system Secure?  Yes!  The system uses SSL encryption and password encryption to keep our data secure.
  • My child will enter BMS next fall.  Can I register now?   Not just yet.  If your student currently attends Hampden Meadows, know that all PTO registered 5th graders will be transferred into our system at the end of this school year.  Otherwise, you can register for next year once this school year ends.
  • I'm not receiving email.  What can I do?  Email the PTO for assistance.
  • I have a question that's not listed here.  Email the PTO for assistance.